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Take one look at my Instagram at the moment and it’s pretty safe to say I’m having a thing for Rattan at the moment. Bags, furniture you name it. So a while ago when this obsession was just setting in I set the Alice tote by Claire V in my sights. Perfectly shaped round bag, sitting in just the right balance between casual everyday carry-all and stylish beach tote. And when a friend of mine got her hands on one and I saw this baby in person it cemented this theory that this bag was indeed the perfect summer bag.

But of course, this was all pre- move to Sydney so in my efforts at being financially responsible  I refrained  (not entirely successful, gosh darn those Summer clearance sales). However as luck would have it I came across a very satisfactory substitute in the Biblo bag by Tony Bianco. Add a Madewell bandana for extra flair and voila! One pretty darn good Plan B.


So what better time to address my Summer beach essentials.  Basic must haves are a towel and sunscreen... so much of a given that they are not included in this shot (Read: they are so overused at the moment they are no longer photogenic). Reading material is a must, as well as a decent lip balm and water. And we can't forget the sun smart essentials- a suitably stylish pair of sunglasses and hat… fellow pale girls who’s with me?! My go-to's at the moment are my trusty Ray Bans and my favourite chapeau's this Summer are Lack of Color. Throw on some beach-to-bar appropriate slides and I'm good to go.


And the best bit about this post is that the Biblo tote is now on sale if I have managed to make a good enough case that you too need one in your Summer arsenal.